True North Promise

Lesson 2 Tool: True North Promise​

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Your True North Goal Must Be:

1 – Specific & Concise
2 – Measurable
3 – Have a Specific Deadline (Quarterly)
4 – Just Outside of Comfort Zone (Flow Zone)
5 – Effort + Result Based
6 – Spikes Emotions
7 – Be Visual 

Set a quarterly goal that will bring you total bliss when you achieve it. It should meet all the 7 criteria above.

The “True North Promise” is a pinup I usually include in my paid courses, but I’m giving this to you for absolutely no charge, if you complete the homework

It’s a promise you make to yourself to create fire to achieve your goal.

You wouldn’t want to break a promise to yourself, would you? 🙂

Example of True North Promise:
I Promise to Write 50 Pages of My Poetry Book
December 31, 2020 (It Should Be End of Quarter)

Sign & Print Your Name. And Date it.

Promise Made. Now keep it!

Pin it up some where you’ll see it everyday.

Make the pinup eye level (subconsciously, if we set it too high, it’s telling our brain that it’s out of reach. If we set it too low, it’s telling us it’s not worthy of our attention. Eye-level is just about right.)